Taking you to far away Places

Kuwait's F&B scene is gradually moving away from the traditional franchise model in which ideas are imported from abroad, and edging towards building a beautiful narrative in which original concepts and creative initiatives are birthed right here at home. 

We draw inspiration from global movements in culture, entertainment, and hospitality to ensure that this narrative reflects the true potential of the local market by providing the following development support services: 


  • Market research

  • Financial feasibility 

  • Strategic placement 

  • Concept enhancement 

  • Local and regional expansion 

  • Investor networking

  • Portfolio diversification

we also have Our own agenda

Apart from helping friends bring their culinary dreams to life, My Kind of Place invests in and develops concepts of its own - from dining destinations to food technologies.

We have big ambitions when it comes to feeding people. We're not just filling stomachs; we're also feeding minds by driving positive change in the industry through environmental and social initiatives.

We're always happy to make new friends, so if you share these interests and want to learn more, just give us a shout!