I've always loved to travel - so much so that I've officially been dubbed the nomad of the family. Whereas most people feel truly rooted at home, I've learned to sprout on foreign terrain with ease. And that's largely due to how influential my travels have been in developing my sense of self. 

I owe a big part of who I am today to the stunning landscapes I've scaled and skied from, to the unexpected friendships I made on local transport, to the dim-lit alleys that hid culinary gems in charming old towns, to the outdoor showers on remote islands which had me shivering and exposed to mosquitos that wanted to make sure I had a souvenir (or five) to take home... these were all tests to my character, and the outcomes have always been gratifying. 

It is this gratitude that has inspired me to use hospitality as a vehicle to deliver places of gathering where people can experience great memories and positive change. 

Each place we create is one that would inspire me through my travels. Each place is comfortable, but also challenges you to look beyond that realm of comfort and accept some of the unknown. Each place is special, and each would definitely be My Kind of Place. 


Dalal Aljassim 



The philosophy

Inspire | Engage | Experience

Hospitality dates as far back as classical antiquity, when Roman bathhouses accommodated travelers looking for some good R&R. Today, we have over 180,000 hotels around the world. Hospitality has developed from a simple social concept of familial and friendly gathering to a multi-billion dollar industry with countless subcategories and services.

We hope to carve our own little space in the industry, one that aims to preserve the integrity of the hospitality concept by creating spaces that inspire and engage you in ways that make your experience memorable.


This is our philosophy and promise.